Imagista is a global cultural print and digital publication. We publish exclusive and original content. Imagista’s primary focus is feature stories and exclusive interviews on creative individuals from around the globe.

Imagista is committed to bringing our viewers the most inspiring profiles from the worlds of Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Television, and other culturally relevant categories. We are equally committed to empowering our contributors by giving them creative freedom to explore subjects that inspire them. To date we have over 400 contributors in over 30 countries. In this regard Imagista is unlike any other major cultural publication.

From stunning photographic essays to intriguing short documentaries, personal interviews, or one of kind cultural events, Imagista’s audience experience the work and lives of the world’s most cutting edge artists and thinkers.

Imagista also enables artists from all over the world to collaborate with other contributors across genres on new projects and partnerships.

Imagista is committed to fostering powerful connections between our creatives and encouraging cross-pollination and new connections.



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IMAGISTA’s contributors and subjects are influential first adapters and leaders in the world of culture. Our audience are well-educated, influential and trendsetting. IMAGISTA allows advertisers to access a rapidly growing audience through original content production, high-impact advertising, real world events and engaging social media programs.

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IMAGISTA showcases the world’s foremost innovative and creative professionals. We allow contributors unprecedented creative freedom enabling them to produce and share their finest work with the world. Whatever your talent, Imagista welcomes original, previously unpublished contributions from the global creative community.
Please note that IMAGISTA does not act as an agent or producers for our contributors. If your story idea is given the go-ahead, then upon request we can provide a letter authenticating your involvement with Imagista, but we do not act as a production entity. We strongly encourage our content producers to pursue stories where they already have an existing relationship or contact.

If you are interested in proposing a story idea or would like to offer your professional services please send an email containing the information listed below to production@theimagista.com. By sending a proposal you acknowledge that you have read our terms & conditions below. Please note that due to enthusiastic response a member of our editorial team will only be in touch if your proposal has been approved by our editorial staff. Although we try our best to reply to everyone, if you have not heard back from us within 2 to 3 weeks, please assume that though we are grateful for your offer unfortunately we will not be able to use your idea or services at the time.

Your submission should contain the following:

Your Profession (photographer, writer, stylist, etc.)
Email Address
Location (City, State/Province, Country)
Your Website
Your Agent’s Website (if applicable)
Where has your work has appeared/Who have you collaborated with?
Story Suggestion And/Or How You’d Like To Be Involved With Imagista

Contributor Terms & Conditions

By submitting content to Imagista (including but not limited to photos,videos, text, artwork, etc.) you agree that you own all of the content and information posted. In addition, for content that is covered by intellectual property rights, such as photographs, videos, music, etc, you specifically give Imagista (theimagista.com) the following permission: you (the user) grant Imagista (theimagista.com) a perpetual non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide right to use, reproduce and publish any content that you post on or in connection with Imagista (theimagista.com). Imagista (theimagista.com) has the right to publish the user’s name, city, state and country of residence in connection with the posting or use of the user’s content, such as in promotions or other publications, whether online or otherwise, including but not limited to the websites of Imagista (theimagista.com) and its affiliates: Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and Twitter and any other forms of social media Imagista (theimagista.com) utilizes. In no event is Imagista (theimagista.com) obligated to use, reproduce or publish any content or information posted by users and theimagista.com reserves the right to delete and/or edit any submitted content. Imagista (theimagista.com) does not charge a fee to its contributors nor does it cover any production costs or pay any commission fees to its contributors. Publication in Imagista (theimagista.com) and any of its affiliates is strictly on a voluntary basis.


At present Imagista offers a variety of internship opportunities within New York City including production, social media, event planning, photographer’s assistant, digital technician, video and fashion. All of our internships are very hands-on and prior to applying require a working knowledge of the field and all related tools and programs (for example for photography: Capture One, Light Room, Photoshop, etc.). Interns will be given the opportunity to strengthen existing skills, learn new skills and expand on their professional networking. We offer internships that are both full and part time, and require a six to twelve month minimum commitment.

If you are interested in applying to one of the listed fields please send an email containing all of the information below together with a portrait of yourself to production@theimagista.com. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Your internship application should include the following:

Internship Applying For (Production, Social Media/Events, Photography, Film/Video, Fashion)
Email Address
Website Address (if applicable)
Home (city, state/province, country)
Previous work experience
Skills (specific to internship you are applying for)
Why would I make an excellent intern? (in brief)