Story By Michael Williams

To describe Ian Hylton, Ports 1961 menswear creative director as uber talent would almost be an understatement but there it is. Ian’s life has been consumed by fashion and style since he can remember. He’s been obsessed too with the right look since he was a young boy and his career has always reflected that obsession. From kid on the retail floor at Toronto’s coolest shops (he grew up there) to New York City Fashion Editor Ian has pretty much done it all and seen it all in the fashion world. And despite all the success, all the accolades, and despite all the admiration, Ian remains as open and engaging as he was in his teens. Ian himself is boundlessly energetic, funny, fascinating and fascinated, emotional, both irreverent and courtly, sophisticated, affectionate, enthusiastic, naïve, and excitable.

Ian’s design sense is very much reflective of it’s maker. The results are stylish collections that are meticulously detailed, stylish, modern, worldly, rich which somehow remain grounded. There are even hints of humor in Ian’s collections and ad campaigns around the collection.

Imagista takes a look at Ian’s most recent collection as well as two previous collections from this rising star in the competive world of high flying menswear. One look at Ian’s work and you will quickly see why he is indeed a man for all seasons.