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“13 Reasons Why” is one of those shows that has changed and shaped the way that adults see this generation of youth. The reality and hardships that these teens face in this series prove how difficult it is growing up in 2019.

Tyler Barnhardt joined the cast this season where he plays Charlie and we got the chance to pick his brain and learn a little bit about the impact this series has had both on his life and the lives of those watching.

Imagista: 13 Reasons Why has been such an important and controversial show, what was it like embarking on this journey with the rest of the cast?

 Tyler Barnhardt: I started as a fan of the show. I remember reading the pilot and desperately wanting to be apart of it in some way. Fast forward to season 3 and landing the role of Charlie, I was so honored to be apart of this amazing family. From the first day walking on set, I was welcomed with open arms by the cast and crew. Everyone on this show is incredibly kind and real. They made me feel like part of the family immediately. We tackle very important topics in this show and I couldn’t imagine doing it with any other people.

Imagista: Do you feel like the show is a good representation of what teenagers really go through today?

 Tyler Barnhardt: Yes I do. Being a teenager has never easy but I feel like recently it’s become even more difficult. I think it’s important to note that our show is just that, a show. But at times these characters seem very real. I know personally, I see myself in many of these characters at different times.

Imagista: Did you feel a certain responsibility in telling this story?

 Tyler Barnhardt: Absolutely. The subject matter that is covered in this show at times can be very heavy. The cast has shared stories with me about people coming up to them and telling them what a difference this show has made in their life. I felt the responsibility of making sure I played Charlie as truthful and honest as I could. 

Imagista: Are you currently working on anything you are excited about?

 Tyler Barnhardt: I can’t say much at the moment, but the project is based on the artwork of Simon Stålenhag. His art is out of the world and I’m really proud of the world we created for the show. Super excited for everyone to see! 


Imagista: What should fans expect to see from you in the future?

 Tyler Barnhardt: Beyond Tales from the Loop, coming out sometime in 2020, they might also be able to see more of Charlie St. George in the future? Fingers crossed!


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